Goodbye Beige! Hello Technicoloured Dreamcoats

SBA Co-founder, alae ismail in kinabuti trench coat

SBA Co-founder, alae ismail in kinabuti trench coat

Clouds of pink cherry blossom trees, ice cream vans hunting for children on their Easter holidays, people in running gear frantically trying to get fit before summer hits. London's streets are filling up again with the return of the sun. When I'm in Zimbabwe, where I grew up, our seasons are very sure of themselves- either dry or rainy. None of this indecisive dance that London's seasons like to play as they transition, but there is something about the celebration of newness and anticipation of the coming summer that makes it all very endearing at this time of year. 

Here at SBA we have many new things we're working on that we can't wait to tell you about in the next few weeks. In the meantime we can tell you that we've found some exciting new brands for the store on our recent travels to Ghana and Nigeria, including this sneak peek of the exquisitely tailored jackets from a brand in Lagos called Kinabuti that will hit the shop next week. 

It's a great alternative for the more adventurous and fun loving of us, who think that while the British institution of the beige Spring trench coat is classic, it's also downright boring. Nothing expresses your optimism for the year ahead like a bit of beige! 

We have much to be grateful for and excited about this Spring- we'll be doing it in colour thanks! 

Written by: Kiran Yoliswa, SBA Co-Founder  (If you can't wait to get your hands on one, send us an email at  

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