#IAMSBA: Bold & Beautiful

Earlier this week I received a text from a good friend of mine asking "I know this sounds silly, but when you and Alae started SBA were you scared?". My response? "Definitely! I still am!" But I'm also a big believer that what you focus on determines how you feel. Rather than trying to pretend we're fearless, with SBA we embrace the fear but try to focus on feeling bold, beautiful and courageous enough to go for it anyway. 

For us that's making sure that our days are filled with a combination of the right friends and clothes that make us feel the most empowered, positive and inspired. 

With a spring sun currently shining over London, life does feel a bit awesome right now but sometimes we do glance back at our black hole of doom to-do list and feel like...


...which can make that colourful confidence quickly give way to simple survival.  An interview we recently did with Ideas Tap for their 'Job Of The Week' feature reminded us of this darker side of ambition and looking through some of the other interviews, lots of people shared our challenge of work life balance and the 'overwhelmed brain'. With to-do lists that will NEVER end, we're all becoming more sucked into the #RiseandGrind.  But as well as investing in our businesses and careers, are we investing quality time with the friends who make us feel recharged enough to continue to present our best selves to the world and keep up the momentum of our mission? 

The interview reminded us to make sure we're also scheduling some guilt-free time in our schedules for our 'move a body' friends who embrace our struggles and nurture our strengths.  

The ones where quick catch ups turn into hours of belly laughs, and ideally cake. 

In our case, definitely cake. 

With both friends and fashion it's easy to get comfortable settling for same old, but if you're committed to living your best life, why waste time on anything that doesn't contribute to feeling at your best? 

Two of our favourite African designers, Chichia London and Sindiso Khumalo, always make us feel our most confident and glamourous. Just like the greatest of our friends, their colourful power prints don't allow us to be wallflowers, giving us the right energy before that important meeting or presentation. 

There is no better time to be visible, take a stand on what contribution you want to make and strive to give your journey and the people around you your best energy. 

After some quality down time catching up this weekend and our colourful confidence reinvigorated, we're ready to take on whatever the universe has in store for us and hope you are too. 


Seriously, just try and mess with us this week. 

Author: Kiran Yoliswa, Co-Founder SBA

Images captured by Tapiwa Chasi

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