Spring Appearing

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London had it's first day of sunshine this week in what feels like the past 24 months, but as we were headed to a meeting with Mizani at L'Oreal HQ, we couldn't quite burst out the short shorts in excitement. But the jackets did get left behind so spring is hopefully raising its head although you can never tell over here in Blighty.

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The last time I was in the L'Oreal offices was as a marketing intern before my final year of my undergraduate degree, so walking back in there to talk to Mizani about getting involved with our upcoming launch event was very surreal. Their product manager Tumi Soyinka is so lovely though and we're so excited at the possibility of us collaborating in the future so watch this space! 

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As members of the curly hair crew , finding products that don't leave your curls crispy, greasy or as if your hair is still wet eight hours after your shower, has been a life long search so discovering the Mizani True Textures range a couple of years ago was a gift from the hair gods that I will gladly give monthly offerings for. 

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Busting out the sandals was a bit ambitious but how cute are Alae's monochroming heels from Zara? I thought they looked very kente inspired especially with the woven detailing but according to Alae's mum and I quote... "Why are you wearing Habesha shoes?!" :-)