Kiran & Alae in Topshop, Jewellery: MADE UK

Kiran & Alae in Topshop, Jewellery: MADE UK

This Saturday we went down to check out the LOUD-Culture pop up on Carnaby Street where we met the lovely blogger from Coco Demoiselle who took this snap. With LOUD featured in LOOK, Grazia & Pride magazines and celebrity fans that range from Richard Branson to girlband Stooshe, we wanted to go and see the goodies up close. Similar in style to Boxing Kitten, designers Ashley-Rae and Abi Fashesin have some really fun and wearable printed bustiers, blazers, and high waisted short shorts. We loved how Ashley-Rae styled her LOUD bustier (£60 here), and took the chance to get her insider info. 


Ashley-Rae on Drive: 

Its just about believing in yourself, otherwise you're setting yourself up to fail. We both work to fund the dream. I've been saving from a young age, and we've both invested around £5000 each into this. I'm a firm believer that a standard 9-5 won't get you to where you need to be nor will it allow you to live out your dream.

On Richard Branson:  

Richard advised me to always give back,  whatever you do giving back will create better opportunities for you in the long run - it's good karma. It's one of the reasons why the pop up shop took place. He also told me that you are your best PR. 

On Social Media: 

Social media has a huge part to play, like Richard Branson said - you are your best PR. Tweet stylists, celebs, blogs - everything, make yourself heard.

Next steps: 

World domination! Our A/W collection and hopefully getting funding to enable us to take Loud to the next level.