Zimbabwe: Heading For The Hills

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I know I'm getting old because a couple of years ago I vowed never to spend another New Years Eve in a club ever again. NYE is always overrated, over-pressured, and over-priced, and after spending last years on a secluded beach in Goa, I've decided escaping into nature for some annual reflection is the way forward and Zimbabwe's Bvumba mountains were the perfect place to do that this year. 

Even just the spectacular drive up there is worth the trip, and once you get there you can see all the way over to Mozambique. The area is also famous for it's world-class golf course at Leopard Rock Hotel, but unless you're into golf or bird watching there's not much else to do around here besides enjoy the lush scenery, and think about your year ahead. 


Oh and eat! On our way back to Harare we stumbled across Tony's Coffee Shop thinking we'd discovered a secret hidden spot, but apparently Tony's is already a bit of an afternoon tea institution. As in people pilgrimage to Tony's. As soon as he said the words 'Hot chocolate with a scoop of ginger ice cream' to me, I knew finding this place was no accident.  His menu has literally every type of tea you've heard off, all types of magical sounding cakes, and set in a lovely little house on a hill. It's on the expensive side, about $6 for tea/coffee and each piece of cake will set you back $12 but I can tell you from experience that a piece of his cake will feel better in your belly than $12 will in your pocket. You can see for yourself how the rest of the afternoon went. 


Tony's Coffee Shop is '28km peg on the Vumba road, 30 minute drive from Mutare tony@zol.co.zw