Diesel + Edun Studio Africa AW13

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Diesel + Edun are back with the second collection of their collaboration and have added some musical cast members to the Studio Africa gang to celebrate AW13. We've been big fans of what Edun have been trying to do for a while, so it's great to see them creating such a fun campaign with Diesel spotlighting Africa's rising creative stars. Like us they are trying to use fashion as a tool to encourage sustainable trade, making them a shoo in for this weeks SBA Loves. Again this collection is entirely sourced and manufactured in Africa, but this time it is inspired by the Tuareg tribe of West Africa. 

Meet The New Cast...


Faarrow, diesel+ edun FW13, studio africa, somali canadian, african fashion 

These gorgeous Somali/Canadian sisters Siham and Iman, who together make up Faarrow, jumped on to our radar a few months ago when we came across their dope Gotye/J Cole mash up and recent MIA-esque music video. We love that having left Somalia as young refugees, the girls are now using their international platform to help support the UN's refugee agency both in Somalia and across the continent. Can't wait to to see more from these two! 

The Need To Know Track: Rule The World  

Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo, south african house, diesel + edun, diesel FW13, edun FW13, made in africa, african fashion 

We are yet to see Spoek live, but we hear he puts on quite a show. Producer, singer/songwriter and rapper from Johannesburg, Spoek is one of South Africa's one's to watch. He's also catching international attention with his quirky take on electronic housey hip hop. 

The Need To Know Track: Control 


olugbenga, studio africa, diesel AW13, edun AW13, studio africa, african fashion

We hadn't come across Olugbenga before so thanks to Diesel+Edun for putting us on. When we heard that his sound was rooted in hip hop and gospel music, we weren't sure what to expect, but he's got a great melodic mixture of hip hop, rock and electro going on. Born in Lagos to a Kenyan mother and Nigerian father, Olugbenga grew up between Nigeria and the Netherlands before moving to the UK. 

The Need To Know Track: Hafiza  

 All the artists have collaborated with Diesel + Edun on their next music videos which are being released in August- visit diesel.com/diesel+edun for more info.