2 girls, 2 Guys, 1 Continent- Africa's Fest Gurus

Live music is part of our life blood here at SBA and on many a weekend we're likely to be found in the crowds of a gig or festival. So when some of our good friends in Zimbabwe and Zambia teamed up to create the 'Fest Gurus', we couldn't be more excited and have already requested, ok demanded, a cameo in their upcoming TV show highlighting Africa's festivals. 

Until now festival coverage has tended to be limited to the no brainers- Glastonbury, Coachella, South by South West, to which thousands of people trek from all over the world. But what about HIFA in Zimbabwe, Oppikoppi in South Africa, Kigali Up in Rwanda, Festival In the Desert in Mali? Never heard of them? Fest Gurus are on a mission to change that with the television show they are currently developing. 

The plot? Two girls, two guys, travelling around Africa's cultural festivals to show them off to the world. They'll also be giving out travel advice, planning and accommodation tips helping you save money on the way as well should you wish to get in on the action.

Unlike the West where one whose interested in attending a festival can look up all the information they need to make the trip online, Africa lags behind. In addition, Inter-Africa travel is expensive and may be one factor why not many Africans attend festivals in their neighboring countries. - Fest Gurus 

Hosts Lorraine (Zimbabwean Radio DJ), Mazuba (Zambian social media guru), armed with their Camera crew/Directors/Producers Zash and Gwi, will guide you through everything you need to get to one of Africa's many festivals. 


Lo, Zash and Mazuba at HIFA 2013. 

Lo, Zash and Mazuba at HIFA 2013. 

The first episode of ‘The Fest Guru’s’ was shot in Harare, Zimbabwe at the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) in late April- early May and was self funded. The Fest Guru’s team paid for their own entrance tickets, bus tickets, accommodation and transport ( we were there, we saw them do it.) As they plan to explore more festivals to shoot more episodes, they're on the hunt for more funding to make the project bigger and better. The City of Stars festival in Lilongwe, Malawi is their next stop on their fest route and they need you to help them get there. So head on over to their crowdfunding page and invest in this exciting project- we know this is the kind of show we'd want to watch so let's get it on TV people.  

Follow @TheFestGurus on twitter  to follow their journey.