SBA Loves: Feet covered in ENZI


Women definitely win when it comes to having fun with clothes, but where men really get to play is with their footwear. If you've ever seen the round the block queues when a new pair of Jordan's is released, you'll know that sneaker game is an integral part of the male constitution. They say that a man's choice of kicks can tell you about the type of man he is,  so we're liking what we've seen so far about the guys behind ENZI Footwear

Long time friends turned founders Azariah, Jawad and Sam grew up in Kenya and then scattered across the US and UK for university. The boys reunited, completing the team with Christian and established the brand in 2011 with the vision of changing the perception of African products and developing its manufacturing capacity. 

At £145 a pair, the feedback we've heard so far is they are a bit steep for a new brand, but the great thing about good quality leather, in this case the best of Ethiopia, is how beautifully it ages. What else can you wear that just gets better and better looking year on year? Their ideal stylish customers are Nelson Mandela, Usain Bolt, Will Smith and Matt Damon. With christmas shopping creeping up the horizon, these ENZI sneaks are also perfect for less famous boyfriends and brothers in need of a good kick. 

ENZI Footwear is available online from £145, and coming soon to London's Wolf & Badger