Music: Azonto 2.0


If you haven't seen/heard/done the azonto by now, then I'm not really sure what business you have on this blog. The azonto craze has blown up out of nightclubs in Ghana through YouTube tutorials and songs like FuseODG's 'Azonto'. Within a few months the BBC and CNN are started doing investigations into the dance craze, and skinny white boys even had a go. 

So when we were invited to FuseODG's album launch a couple of weeks ago, we had to go down and try out our new courtesy of YouTube azonto skills . Dashing rehearsing dancers and half eaten pizza to the side, FuseODG argued why he's even bigger than the azonto. 

People say I ‘pioneered’ the Azonto, but I have never tried to claim that. I am the first person to make a song about it though- I made Ghanaian people realise that they had something valuable. They started showing my video in Ghana and after seeing that people in London doing it, lots of artists in Ghana started putting the azonto in their videos too. I even went to Liberia and people there had songs called azonto that sounded like mine. Its amazing to know you’ve influenced people-  It’s a blessing, my aim has always been to influence others.

Antenna might even be better than Azonto. My motivation comes from trying to beat my success with Azonto- I don’t want to get stuck in that one hit wonder life. I just heard Antenna is number 6 at the moment in Kenya so its amazing to know its traveling worldwide. 

The only time I see amazing azonto dancers is when I’m in Ghana. I discovered the Azonto from going to the clubs after the studio and thought no one in the UK knows about this, so I packaged it into a song with Kill Beatz. Performing in Ghana with Chipmunk was the turning point of my career, everyone went mad when they saw me on stage. 

It was my African heritage that pushed me to go back to Ghana. Its not just about Ghana for me, I want to be a good representation of Africa.

I started out in a rock band. The hip-hop I made in the past has always had an African reference, in the drums or the way I say certain words, but it was a conscious decision to do afrobeats. I knew it was going to become a big trend in the UK and I wanted to get there first.


My style always has African references in it because it reflects me. I like to support young designers, we must make each other wealthy. I really like the Ghanian brand Ohema Ohene, I wore her stuff in the official azonto video. 

My dream collaboration would be with K’Naan, he’s the closest person that I can relate to in how he expresses his African and Western world through his music. I’m also inspired by Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and Fela Kuti. They all have a vision within their music, that’s what I'm trying to create.  It’s  about more than just the music- it's a movement. 

'The Buzz' is out now on iTunes (£7.99) .... apart from Azonto and Antennae, Commando and This Girl are also repeat worthy. A lot of the tracks sounded a lot better live so make sure to catch Fuse's amazing band and high energy  in the flesh- it's contagious. 

Black Studded Jacket (top): ODF Clothing,  Colourful Snapback: Rutes Deesigns, Red Chinos: Urban Outfitters, Trainers: Nike Air Max 1 , T-shirt (left): Bukki Label , Blazer: Zara