STYLING | Fuse ODG New Azonto Video

A few weeks ago we were asked to help style Fuse ODG's remake of his now infamous Azonto video. Fuse has recently been signed to a new label who wanted new visuals for wider release, even though this song came out a while ago. With his most recent song Antenna making it to No 1 on iTunes, Fuse is on fire at the moment! We've also heard whispers of his new upcoming tracks soon to be released so watch this space. 


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Hanging out with other creatives with so much vision and who are so passionate about their craft was soul food for both of us- despite a long days work. Alae was even fasting all day for Ramadan but she didn't stop, and it was an inspiring if exhausting day for both of us. Check out the video plus a few sneak peek behind the scenes from the shoot. Enjoy!  


Model Priscilla rocking Choolips Belle dress before busting out her Azonto.  

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Fuse ODG & his stylist the lovely Charlie who decked Fuse out in all the goodies below. 

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