​We had a garden party don'tcha know.

Whenever I tell people I'm from Zimbabwe their next sentence is usually to ask how we're getting on with Uncle Bob, or make some wisecrack about *that* hyperinflation episode. Well yes, Bob's doing fine and Zim is now using the US$, but lo and behold there is also some amazing fashion, food, music, people and weather going on down there. We knew this all along so we brought together Zim's most exciting young creatives for a Pop Up Garden Party in December just to push home the point. Thankfully it didn't rain, and we had over 200 fellow shin-diggers come and join the fun, so for us it really couldn't have gone any better. We even have some pics to prove it.

For more pics and info of everyone who was involved head on over to our FB album for full deets and links. We're already planning our next one so see you soon!