Styled By Africa @ Founders Tales

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Every founder has a story to tell and this is the essence of FoundersTale. 

Founderstale is an opportunity to hear what it takes to build a company from an idea all the way to profitability and beyond. 

FoundersTale has been called the Tedconvention for entrepreneurs, no more and no less but simply focusing on their personal stories.

London has some of the most innovative companies in the world and we are delighted to bring you 15 awesome founders who will share with you the ups and downs of their journey so far. 

The format is simple, each founder will get 20 minutes on stage followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

We'll be one of the founders telling our story building Styled By Africa since we launched in 2012. 

What will I learn at FoundersTale?

  •   How to build an audience for your brand 
  •   How to presell a product (before you build it)
  •   How to create a company that people LOVE to work for!
  •   How to write copy that gets you in the press
  •  How to bounce back from failure 
  •  How to build a global brand.
  •  How to sell yourself to investors 

There will be drinks and networking right after all the talks on the main stage.